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2018 Show Schedule

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November 16, 2016


Our Show Schedule For 2017

We couldn't be more excited for our 2017 show season! Sign up for our e-mail list to be notified on special deals throughout the holiday season and to know exactly where to find us at each show. 

Here is our current show schedule for the 2017 season, we hope to see you there! Click here and LIKE us on Facebook for updates on where the shows will be held!

Use a personalized ornament to make a semi-generic gift, special!

Have you ever felt anxious as you wrapped up a ho-hum gift? The holidays are for giving, but sometimes we give to people we don’t know all that well: co-workers, in-laws, kid’s teachers...the list goes on! We're here to tell you, it’s not your fault but you can do better starting right now!

Here’s a few different ways to upgrade a semi-generic gift to a special gift using one of our personalized ornaments.

1. She likes Merlot...Right?: We know, you tried, but just because you spent more on this bottle of wine than you would ever fork over for yourself doesn’t mean it’s going to make the hostess’ heart melt. Add an ornament for her family though, with the names spelled correctly (important) will take this purchase up a notch. 

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter whether she or he loves Cabernet, they'll be too busy fawning over their new handmade ornament. Ditch that gift bag you’re thinking of re-using from last Christmas and instead, just add a fun, sparkly ribbon -- now your wine is dressed to impress!

Shop our Reindeer Family Ornament.

2. Teacher’s Pet: You know what teachers really want for dealing with your kids all year...I mean, molding the minds of your precious children? A bottle of wine! However, it’s probably more appropriate to provide them with their other vice...caffeine! Nothing says “last minute” more than a solo Starbucks gift card though, so step it up with our handmade apple ornament. Think tons of kids will get their teacher an apple ornament? Don’t worry! We hear from teachers all the time that they didn’t even get one teacher ornament because everyone assumes they already have one.

Shop our Apple Ornament.

3. Wedding Crasher: You went to their wedding last Summer and took full-advantage of the open bar, now, it’s time to give back! Help them celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife with a handmade, personalized ornament and a bottle of their favorite wine. All you need to know is what type of wine they like, hopefully you can recall what they had at the wedding; and their wedding date...also, this should be pretty easy since you were there and all! Throw a holiday ribbon on the ornament and you’ll have a special place in their hearts every Christmas when they hang their ornament on the tree.

Shop our Wedding and Engagement Ornaments.

4. The "This will do" Gift: We get it, gift giving is tough and it seems like every year, the list gets longer. There’s no shame in buying something in bulk that you can give to several people on your list, just make sure to give it a personal touch. Wrap up anything (well, within reason) and tie on one our our handmade ornaments for the perfect, personalized Christmas gift.

Shop our Family Ornaments.

See? That wasn't so hard! You don't have to be a gift-giving-genie to make a great impression this holiday season. Let them know you care with a personalized gift they'll enjoy opening year after year.

November 28, 2014


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How to Make Bread Dough Christmas Ornaments (With Recipe)

Bread Dough Christmas Tree Ornament

I hear it all the time, "I used to make bread dough ornaments with my family!". Nothing puts a smile on my face faster because that's how our business began 35 years ago. I love making ornaments and know you'll have a great time creating them at home with your family and friends.


- 2 Cups of Flour

- 1 Cup of Salt

- 1 Cup of Water

- Food Coloring


- Measuring cups

- Powered mixer with dough hook attachment

- Spatula

- Rolling Pin

- Cookie Sheet Pan

- Baking Spray 

- Cookie Cutters

- Beads, Buttons, and Glitter 

- Drinking Straw (we'll explain)

- Clear Glossy Spray

- Ribbon



1. Mix flour + salt + water in powered mixer with dough hook attachment for about 5 minutes.

2. Add flour or water as needed, you want dough to feel smooth and elastic. When it's ready, it will pull away from sides of the mixing bowl.

3. Knead the dough on a flat surface. Once it looks similar to pizza dough you're ready to roll!

4. For different colors of dough, divide the dough into separate pieces and knead in food coloring until you get the color you want!

5. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a large, flat surface like you would with a pizza crust. If the dough is sticking to your hands it needs more flour and a little more kneading.

6. Just like you would with sugar cookies, cut out your shape with a cookie cutter.

7. Place dough on cookie sheet pan, I spray mine with Pam baking spray to keep dough from sticking.

8. Using a drinking straw, cut a hole in the top of your ornament so you can add a ribbon later for hanging it on the tree.

9. Decorate your ornaments with glitter, beads or whatever you like!

10. Bake for 2-3 hours at 250 degrees.

11. If you want your ornaments to look shiny, get a clear glossy spray from any craft store and spray them after baking. *This will take several coats.

12. Add a ribbon and hang it on the Christmas tree!



Let's get mixing!   

Toss all of the flour, salt and water into a mixing bowl. You'll want to use a dough hook attachment (like what you would use for making bread). Turn your powered mixer on low at first to avoid getting a face full of flour!

Let the mixer do the work. Do NOT stick hands or spatulas into bowl while mixer is turned on. When the dough starts to pull away from the sides of the bowl on its own, forming a round pizza-dough-like shape it's done mixing.

You can make the dough all one color or divide it into sections if you'd like multiple colors to play with. Add the color to the dough and begin kneading it. For vibrant colors using a heavy-hand when adding the food coloring.

Roll out the dough into a large flat surface that's less than 1/2" thick. Use any cookie cutters and start cutting out your ornament's base. Carefully place the dough on a cookie sheet pan, I spray mine down with Pam baking spray beforehand. 

Don't forget to use a drinking straw to cut a hole in the top of the ornament so you can put a ribbon in it later and hang it on the tree. 

After decorating your ornaments, put them in the oven and bake for 2-3 hours at 250 degrees. They should slide off the pan easily once done. If you'd like your ornaments to look shiny, spray them with several coats of a clear gloss spray from any craft store. After they dry, they're ready to hang on the Christmas tree! 

You'll want to save your bread dough ornaments for years to come and the best way to do that is by wrapping them in tissue and storing them in a plastic bag.

What's your favorite memory of making bread dough Christmas ornaments with your family? Tell us in the comments below!

Christmas Ornament Stocking Stuffers For Mom and Dad -- All under $20

Christmas is all about the kids -- until you, the kid, grows up and wants to spoil your parents! Our handmade Christmas ornaments make for thoughtful stocking stuffers and gifts for mom and dad that they'll love...but won't break the bank.

1. Beer Mug Ornament ($14.95): Does anything make your Dad happier than having his favorite beer in his FAVORITE glass? We didn't think so. This handmade Beer Mug Ornament is a manly touch to a holiday that, as we all know, can quickly be taken over by "whimsical" and "addoorrrrable" decorations.

2. Gingerbread Yoga Ornament ($14.95): Back in the day, she was always asking about those "funny" looking yoga poses, but now -- your mom is more Zen than you'll ever be! This Gingerbread Yoga Ornament will be a festive addition to the tree that highlights mom's hobbies... other than, of course, raising you kids ;).

3. Weightlifter Ornament ($15.95): Has Dad been seriously hitting the gym? Give him the kudos he deserves with our handmade Weightlifter Ornament! They might not admit it, but Dads love a good compliment and it will be even sweeter when it comes from his little girl or his new favorite son.

4. Cocoa Cup Ornament  ($19.95): Prepare to make their hearts MELT with our handmade Cocoa Cup Ornament. With plenty of marshmallows, you can fit Grandpa, Grandma and all the grand babies on one special ornament. 

4. Dachshund Ornament ($14.95): Are you pretty confident your parents love their "fur baby" more than they love you nowadays? Score some major points with your parents when they open up this handmade Dachshund ornament that looks "Just like Rufus!" or in their case "Just like _______!".

5. Fish Ornament (14.95): He loves to sit on the boat for hours, all by himself, fishing for "The BIG one!" And even if he never catches it, he can hang our handmade Fish ornament on the tree every Christmas and say he did!

See! No need to wait 'til the last minute to find the perfect gift for Mom and Dad, we've got lots of ornaments that will show them how much you care.

What's your favorite Christmas ornament your parents ever gave you? Tell us in our comment section below!

Top 5 Christmas Ornaments for Pets -- All under $16

Sometimes they might be naughty, but usually your furry friend makes the "Good List"! Give them a special spot on the Christmas tree, year after year, with one of our handmade ornaments. Whether you're a dog person or a self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady", we've got a Christmas ornament that you and your pet will love.
1. Dog Bone Ornament ($14.95): They won't be able to chomp on this Dog Bone Ornament but it will save them a spot on the Christmas tree for years to come!
2. Cat Ornament ($14.95): Are you kitten me right meow?! How cute is our handmade Cat Ornament? This will be the purr-fect addition to your tree...if your kitty will leave it up there!
3. Labrador Ornament ($14.95): They're not called Loveable Labs for nothing! Our handmade Labrador Ornament comes in three different colors and will look just like your Lab! We'll personalize it with their name and precious paw prints.
4. Dachshund Ornament ($14.95): With pint-sized legs and huge heart, your Dachshund might be one of the favorite members of your family! Our handmade Dachshund Ornament will show them just a tiny bit of how much you love them!
5. Heart with Dog Bone Ornament ($14.95): Even if they've gone to Doggie Heaven, they still have a special place in your heart. Our Heart with Dog Bone Ornament will be a sweet reminder of their time with you when you hang it on the tree every Christmas.
What's your favorite Christmas memory with your pet? We'd love to hear, tell us in the comments section below!

5 Christmas Ornaments for Engaged Couples -- All Under $20

Is it just us, or does it seem like everyone gets engaged during the holidays? We know you're thrilled for your friends who found Mr. or Mrs. Right, but their Happily Ever After couldn't have come at a worse time for your bank account! That's why we've rounded up our top five favorite Ornaments that can double as a Christmas gift and a sweet little engagement surprise.

1. Engagement Ring Ornament ($15.95): Cue Beyonce because he "Put a ring on it"! This personalized engagement ring ornament will have the bride-to-be in tears and be an amazing keepsake long after she and her future hubby tie the knot!

2. Bride and Groom Ornament ($19.95): It's one of the biggest days of their lives! The lovebirds will adore this personalized ornament that will have them reminiscing about their wedding for years to come.

3. Same-sex Couple Wedding Ornament ($16.95): They're starting a new life together! Celebrate it with our handmade same-sex couple wedding ornament, true love is meant to be cherished.

4. New Home Ornament ($15.95): They're taking the leap and becoming homeowners! Or maybe they're just spending a first Christmas in a new home. Either way, this handmade ornament will help make any house feel like "Home Sweet Home". 

 5. Gingerbread Bride and Groom Ornament ($16.95): It doesn't get cuter than our handmade Gingerbread Bride and Groom Ornament. This will be a sweet reminder of their wedding day and a festive addition to their Christmas tree.

What's your favorite ornament you've ever received? We'd love to hear, tell us in the comments below!

10 Cute Christmas Ornaments for Kids -- All Under $16

Whether it's baby's first Christmas or you just want to remember exactly what your little one was "obsessed" with this year, a handmade ornament will capture those memories for years to come. Our unique Christmas ornaments are full of love and will look gorgeous on your tree.

We know most people buy an ornament for their children every year and if you have a couple of kiddos those collections can get pricey! All of our Top 10 Christmas Ornaments for Kids are handmade in Idaho and cost less than 20 bucks; plus -- we personalize them all for FREE! And that's something that will help you keep up that jolly holiday spirit during this exciting but exhausting time of year.

1. Baby Star Ornament ($14.95): This is our best-selling baby's first christmas ornament! With lots of room for writing -- we can personalize this twinkling star with whatever is special to you! 

2. Baby Buggy Ornament ($14.95): With bright blue or pink options covered in glitter, this ornament will definitely brighten up your Christmas tree. Celebrate baby's first Christmas with our adorable baby buggy ornament.

3. Princess Castle Ornament ($15.95): Is your little princess obsessed with Elsa?! Get her this handmade ornament and she'll have her own castle to rule this Christmas!

4. Backhoe Ornament ($14.95): This is for the mom whose floor is constantly covered with Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks! Our backhoe Christmas ornament will make your little boy's eyes light up and bring you sweet memories for years to come. 

5. Horse Ornament ($15.95): Is your little girl begging for a pony this Christmas? Give her our handmade horse ornament, personalized with her name and she'll feel like she got the real deal! Plus you'll save like, a million dollars in the process. :)

6. Dinosaur Ornament ($14.95): Rawr!!! If you have a little one who loves dinosaurs you know that means... "I love you!". This handmade ornament makes any Christmas tree more fun!

7. Ladybug Ornament ($14.95): She'll always be your "little bug"! We'll personalize our ladybug ornament with your kiddo's name so you can remember how she's cute as a bug every Christmas.

8. Teddy Bear Ornament ($14.95): Your tiny tots will love our Teddy ornament! We'll personalize the bright pink or blue star with your little one's name and it will look amazing on the tree. 

9. Unicorn Ornament ($14.95): Unicorns are pure magic, just like Christmas. Get this sparkly, pink and GLITTERY ornament for her and when she sees it's personalized with her name -- she'll be in unicorn heaven!

10. Soccer Player Ornament ($15.95): They'll always be your favorite little soccer player! We can personalize this ornament with their team name, jersey number and the year so they'll remember more than just the sideline snacks!

There you have it, 10 ways to show off what your kiddos love and hold onto it for years down the road. What are some of your must-have Christmas ornaments for kids? We'd love to hear, tell us in the comment section below.

November 04, 2014


Come see us THIS WEEKEND for HUGE selection of ornaments!

As of today, there’s only 50 days until Christmas! Can you believe it?!
Why wait until December to buy your personalized ornaments? We have two shows this weekend where you can get our handmade styles.
If you’re in the Las Vegas area, come see us at the Steve Powers “Great American Craft Show” at Cashman Field, November 7th-9th.
For details, click here: http://stevepowers.com/public/LasVegasFallPublic.html
For those of you in the Northwest, we’ll be in Pasco, Washington this weekend at the Jim Custer “Arts and Crafts Festival” at the TRAC Center November 7th-9th. For details, click here: http://www.custershows.com/home.php?flag=1&secid=7
***This will be our ONLY show in the Tri Cities/Washington State area this year. We will NOT have our kiosk at the Columbia Center Mall this Christmas because they do not have room for our business.***
Can’t wait to see you this weekend! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram (@tistheseasonornaments). The link to our Instagram can also be found at the top right corner of our homepage, look for the Instagram icon. We’re new to the “Insta-World” but we’ve already done an ornament giveaway!
We're also excited to release one of our newest ornaments here and on Instagram. It’s styled after the Happiest Place on Earth and sure to be a new favorite. You can pick up one of these at our two shows this weekend as listed above!