November 16, 2014


Tis The Season Ornaments

All of our Christmas ornaments are handmade with love in Sandpoint, Idaho. For over 40 years we've helped families create their own holiday tradition.

Our ornaments will transport you back to your baby's 1st Christmas, the year your son started karate or the special day your oldest daughter got engaged when you hang them on the tree. Help tell your family's unique story for generations to come with our personalized ornaments.

Orders ship out 7-10 business days after order is placed. We will always ship out orders earlier if possible!

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Top 5 Christmas Ornaments for Pets -- All under $16

Sometimes they might be naughty, but usually your furry friend makes the "Good List"! Give them a special spot on the Christmas tree, year after year, with one of our handmade ornaments. Whether you're a dog person or a self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady", we've got a Christmas ornament that you and your pet will love.
1. Dog Bone Ornament ($14.95): They won't be able to chomp on this Dog Bone Ornament but it will save them a spot on the Christmas tree for years to come!
2. Cat Ornament ($14.95): Are you kitten me right meow?! How cute is our handmade Cat Ornament? This will be the purr-fect addition to your tree...if your kitty will leave it up there!
3. Labrador Ornament ($14.95): They're not called Loveable Labs for nothing! Our handmade Labrador Ornament comes in three different colors and will look just like your Lab! We'll personalize it with their name and precious paw prints.
4. Dachshund Ornament ($14.95): With pint-sized legs and huge heart, your Dachshund might be one of the favorite members of your family! Our handmade Dachshund Ornament will show them just a tiny bit of how much you love them!
5. Heart with Dog Bone Ornament ($14.95): Even if they've gone to Doggie Heaven, they still have a special place in your heart. Our Heart with Dog Bone Ornament will be a sweet reminder of their time with you when you hang it on the tree every Christmas.
What's your favorite Christmas memory with your pet? We'd love to hear, tell us in the comments section below!

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