November 22, 2014


Tis The Season Ornaments

All of our Christmas ornaments are handmade with love in Sandpoint, Idaho. For over 40 years we've helped families create their own holiday tradition.

Our ornaments will transport you back to your baby's 1st Christmas, the year your son started karate or the special day your oldest daughter got engaged when you hang them on the tree. Help tell your family's unique story for generations to come with our personalized ornaments.

Orders ship out 7-10 business days after order is placed. We will always ship out orders earlier if possible!

Shop our ornaments below:

Christmas Ornament Stocking Stuffers For Mom and Dad -- All under $20

Christmas is all about the kids -- until you, the kid, grows up and wants to spoil your parents! Our handmade Christmas ornaments make for thoughtful stocking stuffers and gifts for mom and dad that they'll love...but won't break the bank.

1. Beer Mug Ornament ($14.95): Does anything make your Dad happier than having his favorite beer in his FAVORITE glass? We didn't think so. This handmade Beer Mug Ornament is a manly touch to a holiday that, as we all know, can quickly be taken over by "whimsical" and "addoorrrrable" decorations.

2. Gingerbread Yoga Ornament ($14.95): Back in the day, she was always asking about those "funny" looking yoga poses, but now -- your mom is more Zen than you'll ever be! This Gingerbread Yoga Ornament will be a festive addition to the tree that highlights mom's hobbies... other than, of course, raising you kids ;).

3. Weightlifter Ornament ($15.95): Has Dad been seriously hitting the gym? Give him the kudos he deserves with our handmade Weightlifter Ornament! They might not admit it, but Dads love a good compliment and it will be even sweeter when it comes from his little girl or his new favorite son.

4. Cocoa Cup Ornament  ($19.95): Prepare to make their hearts MELT with our handmade Cocoa Cup Ornament. With plenty of marshmallows, you can fit Grandpa, Grandma and all the grand babies on one special ornament. 

4. Dachshund Ornament ($14.95): Are you pretty confident your parents love their "fur baby" more than they love you nowadays? Score some major points with your parents when they open up this handmade Dachshund ornament that looks "Just like Rufus!" or in their case "Just like _______!".

5. Fish Ornament (14.95): He loves to sit on the boat for hours, all by himself, fishing for "The BIG one!" And even if he never catches it, he can hang our handmade Fish ornament on the tree every Christmas and say he did!

See! No need to wait 'til the last minute to find the perfect gift for Mom and Dad, we've got lots of ornaments that will show them how much you care.

What's your favorite Christmas ornament your parents ever gave you? Tell us in our comment section below!

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