November 28, 2014


Tis The Season Ornaments

All of our Christmas ornaments are handmade with love in Sandpoint, Idaho. For over 40 years we've helped families create their own holiday tradition.

Our ornaments will transport you back to your baby's 1st Christmas, the year your son started karate or the special day your oldest daughter got engaged when you hang them on the tree. Help tell your family's unique story for generations to come with our personalized ornaments.

Orders ship out 7-10 business days after order is placed. We will always ship out orders earlier if possible!

Shop our ornaments below:

Use a personalized ornament to make a semi-generic gift, special!

Have you ever felt anxious as you wrapped up a ho-hum gift? The holidays are for giving, but sometimes we give to people we don’t know all that well: co-workers, in-laws, kid’s teachers...the list goes on! We're here to tell you, it’s not your fault but you can do better starting right now!

Here’s a few different ways to upgrade a semi-generic gift to a special gift using one of our personalized ornaments.

1. She likes Merlot...Right?: We know, you tried, but just because you spent more on this bottle of wine than you would ever fork over for yourself doesn’t mean it’s going to make the hostess’ heart melt. Add an ornament for her family though, with the names spelled correctly (important) will take this purchase up a notch. 

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter whether she or he loves Cabernet, they'll be too busy fawning over their new handmade ornament. Ditch that gift bag you’re thinking of re-using from last Christmas and instead, just add a fun, sparkly ribbon -- now your wine is dressed to impress!

Shop our Reindeer Family Ornament.

2. Teacher’s Pet: You know what teachers really want for dealing with your kids all year...I mean, molding the minds of your precious children? A bottle of wine! However, it’s probably more appropriate to provide them with their other vice...caffeine! Nothing says “last minute” more than a solo Starbucks gift card though, so step it up with our handmade apple ornament. Think tons of kids will get their teacher an apple ornament? Don’t worry! We hear from teachers all the time that they didn’t even get one teacher ornament because everyone assumes they already have one.

Shop our Apple Ornament.

3. Wedding Crasher: You went to their wedding last Summer and took full-advantage of the open bar, now, it’s time to give back! Help them celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife with a handmade, personalized ornament and a bottle of their favorite wine. All you need to know is what type of wine they like, hopefully you can recall what they had at the wedding; and their wedding date...also, this should be pretty easy since you were there and all! Throw a holiday ribbon on the ornament and you’ll have a special place in their hearts every Christmas when they hang their ornament on the tree.

Shop our Wedding and Engagement Ornaments.

4. The "This will do" Gift: We get it, gift giving is tough and it seems like every year, the list gets longer. There’s no shame in buying something in bulk that you can give to several people on your list, just make sure to give it a personal touch. Wrap up anything (well, within reason) and tie on one our our handmade ornaments for the perfect, personalized Christmas gift.

Shop our Family Ornaments.

See? That wasn't so hard! You don't have to be a gift-giving-genie to make a great impression this holiday season. Let them know you care with a personalized gift they'll enjoy opening year after year.

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