About Us

Hello! I'm Linda Wilson the designer and artist of Tis the Season Ornaments. I've been making ornaments since 1979! My sisters and I were introduced to bread dough ornaments while visiting a family friend who was making a Christmas craft with her children. We had so much fun playing with the dough that we decided to spend our Thanksgiving making dough ornaments for our family and friends for the holidays. What started as a little hobby soon took over every inch of our house; a cottage industry was born!
Owners Bill and Linda on the left.
1980, "Ski Dazzle" at the Cow Palace (Our first show!),San Francisco, CA.
Our family business began in a spare bedroom in California. We then moved to a shed in Crested Butte, Colorado, a basement in Port Townsend, Washington, and finally we settled into our current studio here in Sandpoint, Idaho.
Our three children are grown and on their own now. But they grew up helping in every way, from making ornaments to personalizing, shipping and traveling to arts and crafts shows. Today, when their schedules permit, you'll still find them helping Mom and Dad at a show or mall kiosk. I guess you never grow out of a family business! Dough ornaments are kind of “old school” but I still love making them. I guess that makes me a little “old school” too.