Single Parent Cocoa Cup Christmas Ornament

This handmade ornament is perfect for single parents. With lots of room for personalization, our cozy cup of cocoa is just want Santa ordered!

Be sure to specify exactly what you want on your ornament in the personalization section below. Please list the names left to right as we will write left to right on the row of marshmallows, Please note where the bigger marshmallow is so we get the parent on the correct one!

Please note: Maximum letters for marshmallows is 7.

(If you want the pets can be on a marshmallow or just on the cup with paw prints, just make sure to select the right amount of marshmallows!)

Example: Daddy, Ashley  Christmas 2018 (for a cup of two)

Carter, Mama, Chloe 2018 (for a cup of 3)


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