Campfire Ornament

Did your family have the best summer ever?! Don't let the fun slip away. Our Campfire Ornament has adorable marshmallows for each member of your family or friends and big bright orange flames to commemorate all those warm summer nights camping.

Don't forget to write exactly what you would like your ornament personalized with.

Names should go left stick, top to bottom AND,  Then right stick top to bottom.  For FIVE names, left stick top to bottom, middle stick, right stick top to bottom.

Please note: Maximum letters for marshmallow is 7.

For Example:

Remy, Luke  - 2020


Dad, Mom, Billy.  2020

FIVE NAMES: Dad, Mom, Joshie, Arie, Tanner.  (Joshie would be the middle stick.

If you would like a dogs name on the rocks with paw prints please write: Lucky (dog) 

For Example:

Dad, Mom, Katie, Tyler, Lucky (dog)


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