Pandemic Toilet Paper Tree Ornament

In the years to come, you better believe people will be passing down stories about the great toilet paper shortage for 2020! What a crazy, crappy year. Our handmade Toilet Paper Tree ornament will give someone a much-needed laugh. *poop emoji ornament sold separately*

Please list family members LEFT to RIGHT. The Toilet Paper Tree ornament is available in 6 rolls or 10 rolls. If you have a family of four, two rolls will be left empty and we will be strategic to write names on the rolls so it looks best.

Be sure to specify what you'd like on your ornament in our personalization section below. We will put the names on starting at the top and going down the tree left to right. 

Example: (Left to Right) Josh, Ashley, Scout (dog), Mabel, Carter, Kennedy, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is a perfect representation of the crazy year we have had! I mean who would have predicted a toilet paper shortage?! Love it!

Amity Highley
Perfect representation of 2020

Ordered the toilet paper ornament after seeing it on Instagram. Perfectly represents the shortage of 2020. Great quality as usual.

Perfect for a large family

We love all the large family ornaments as we need one for 10 people... this one is a perfect remembrance of a very unique year. As with all their ornaments, it is beautifully crafted and as a customer of over 15 years, these ornaments are not only handmade, excellent quality and unique... they last and last and last.

Leah Deiana

I bought this ornament and had a personalization misunderstanding. I emailed TTS and a member of the personalization team was so generous! I was able to send it back and she adjusted it for me! She was very understanding of my TERRIBLE handwriting! Love this pandemic ornamemt in my collection!

Janet Perry
Pandemic toilet paper

Loved it! Needed something to make me laugh after this horrible year. Definately need more nurse ornaments! (without the masks). Maybe with a stethescope and in scrubs. All of our hospital workers need some recognition. Not just this past year but always. Thanks.